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Sensory-friendly Saturdays!

Sensory-friendly jump times are here!

At Altitude we want all to gain the enjoyment and freedom of flight on a trampoline so each and every Saturday morning we offer Sensory-friendly Saturdays!
SFS runs each Saturday from 9:00am-10:00am and all individuals and/or groups who struggle with sensory stimulation are encouraged to come and jump with us.

The experience is great for our awesome guests as Altitude offers the following during this time:
  • Less crowded at this time of day
  • We turned the music volume down
  • No parties are scheduled at this time
  • We bring out the inflatable toys!
Additionally, you get to enjoy Altitude at a reduced rate of $12/per person 9:00am-10:00am!

For questions or more information, please call (978) 663-5867

To schedule large groups, please call ahead or email sales@altitudeparkma.com

*Please note, we are always open to the general public

Altitude Trampoline Park has Sensory-friendly jump times!